2 silver st, hawick, TD9 0AD

one shottwo shots
- filter coffee£1.30£1.90
- espresso£1.50£2.10
- americano£1.70£2.10
- capuccino£1.95£2.30
with steamed milk & lots of creamy froth
- latte£2.30
with steamed milk & a little froth
- 'skinny' latte£2.30
with skimmed milk
- mocha£2.30£2.70
with chocolate, steamed milk & a little froth
add a shot of caramel, vanilla or hazelnut for 40p
- turkish coffee£2.40
- arabic coffee£2.40
with a little cardamom
house wine & beer
bring your own or buy in the pub next door (special price for cafe customers)
corkage charge
- bottle of wine£5.00
- bottle of beer£1.50
hot chocolate
- simply hot chocolate£1.90
- special hot chocolate£2.40
with a mountain of whipped cream & marshmallows
- ultimate hot chocolate£2.80
with cream, marshmallow, syrup & a chocolate flake
pot for onepot for two
- regular tea£1.30£2.20
- leaf tea£1.85£2.70
ceylon, assam, early gray, green
- herb and fruit teas£1.50£2.20
camomile, peppermint, mint green tea, lindenblossom, honey bush, rooibus, jasmine green tea, fruit tea, yogi tea (with spices)
organic soft drinks
- cranberry, lemonade, elderflower£1.70
- ginger & ginseng£1.95
- sasperilla£1.95
- fentiman's£2.20
real lemonade, mandarin seville orange, ginger beer, curiosity cola
- apple juice£1.40
- fresh orange£1.40
- pomegranate£1.40

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